Social Media

Nonprofits are used to broadcasting their messages but social media marketing offers an incredible opportunity to engage with supporters and build relationships online.

When done well, social media allows charities to capture and retain constituents’ attention, which is a precious commodity in our digital landscape! Social media also allows nonprofits to increase awareness, run campaigns, do fundraising and share stories.

The best social media strategies aren’t done on the side or tasked to a part-time intern. The most effective social media marketing happens when organizations use the platforms to engage with their followers by creating conversations, answering questions and adding value.

Social media is an art form and the crew at Anchor Marketing loves helping charities succeed in social engagement.

We deep-dive to explore brand development, donor development and strategic messaging that provide our clients with the tools they need to properly engage their audience, establish growth and steer them towards their goals.

From campaign strategy and ad creation, to content creation and scheduling, you can trust your social media strategy will make waves.

Browse our social media samples and get in touch to learn more about our social media services.

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