Digital Ads

If you have an online presence, then your organization can benefit from running digital ads. But navigating the landscape can feel a bit outside your wheelhouse if you’re new to digital marketing. And the ongoing platform changes certainly don’t help you gain sure footing!

Whether you’re adding an online donation portal, sharing testimonial videos on social media or establishing relationships with donors, there are many ways your charity can benefit from having a digital strategy.

And leveraging your strategy with digital ads only further enhances your efforts, increasing your reach and impact.

If you’re wondering where we stand, we definitely think you should be running digital ads and doing digital marketing. You have instant feedback and data, and can continue tweaking your messaging even after your campaign has gone live.

Digital ads can catch big waves and the Anchor crew works hard to make that happen for our clients. We create digital ad content including campaign strategies, copywriting, design, planning, buying, analytics and reporting.

If you’re curious about how digital advertising can work for your charity, take a look through our samples and reach out to explore how we can help bring strategic digital marketing to your organization.

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