Your Strategic Crew

We approach each project and client interaction with a strategy-first mentality, making sure that we connect with your vision, so we can help you reach your goals. 

Nonprofit Marketing Agency Canada

Strategy, Tactics + Execution

The hard work of marketing is like managing a sailboat. One needs to be familiar with all the parts of the boat and know how they operate before they can ever set their course. Learning how to maneuver the waters and tying knots takes time.

We know that a strategy means nothing without the tactical suggestions to get you where you need to be, along with executional support to make the plan a reality. Whether you need a little or a lot of support – our crew is here for you.

Strategy and Tactics marketing business companies

Our Approach


Having a strategic approach means taking a look at the big picture for our clients, then developing a comprehensive plan from there.



Strategy is key in the charting of a successful course, but you also need to know the specific tactical actions and their timing in order to bring your master plan to life.



Once you have your chart and tactics in place, now is the time for your crew (or ours) to bring it to life through efficient and innovative execution.


Meet The Crew

Danielle Ganger | Anchor Marketing Inc.

The Captain

Danielle Gagner

Danielle began her marketing journey in investments before transitioning over to a kids and family speciality agency, where, as Business Development and Marketing Manager, she teamed up with prominent family brands like the BC Lions, Boston Pizza, Toronto Blue Jays, Cracker Barrel, and the Boston Red Sox. She later joined an agency specializing in charity and non-profit work as Marketing Director where she advanced her experience in media placements, awareness campaigns and niche market strategy with large and small nonprofit organizations. In 2018, Danielle launched Anchor Marketing, a boutique agency with a strategy-first approach where Danielle and her crew are passionate about helping nonprofits with their strategy, brand identity and awareness, fundraising and donor communications. Anchor helps their clients chart their marketing course, while providing the necessary tactical suggestions and executional support to reach their destination.

The Crew

Dennys Elali

Business Operations Director
Dennys serves as Danielle’s first officer, overseeing business operations, finances, and HR at Anchor. With an educational background in business and an emphasis on operational research, Dennys has worked with small businesses since 2010. He loves creating systems and structures that enable small companies to grow while keeping their roots. He is detailed with a natural gift for numbers, procedures, and people. Dennys enjoys working in the background while using his analytical skills in the decision making process - helping the Anchor crew to stay on course!

Rachel Rendle

Marketing Director
Rachel brings a wealth of experience to the team at Anchor. From logistics management for the immense growth of Saje Natural Wellness, brand strategy and direction of 8 separate brands under the umbrella of Pacific Bottleworks (GoodDrink), to marketing director at a private liberal arts university, we are happy to have her aboard! Rachel is passionate about innovation and has great depth of experience across multiple platforms, including: social, digital, video and print. Rachel loves collaboration, strategy, and teamwork and is constantly looking at new ways of inspiring creativity within her crew.

Rhoda Strutt

Creative Director
Rhoda and Danielle worked together before Anchor Marketing was even a thought. Their love for strategy, good creative and collaboration made for a great team, and Rhoda was proud to jump on board when Anchor set sail. Rhoda has worn many hats as Anchor has grown, but now, with the growth of an amazing crew, is glad to focus on her passion for creative and communications. Rhoda has a Fine Arts degree from the University of Lethbridge and was owner of a successful photography and design business for 10 years before entering the world of marketing. To top it off, she also brings a wealth of experience from working with a major Canadian nonprofit on donor cultivation, event planning, and sales. Rhoda works with our design and writing teams to make sure that what we create for our clients hits the mark!

Joanne Yen

Account Director
For the past 11 years, Joanne has been honing her skills in graphic design, video production and event management, while partnering with clients to help make their visions come true. Her wide cross section of clients and experience in the marketing industry makes her a valuable team player and diligent problem solver. Joanne uses her unique understanding of the challenges and opportunities within each project to determine what is needed to bring them across the finish line. At Anchor, she has found her home and love for account and production management, with a passion to help our clients move their mission forward!

Natalia Suarez

Admin Manager & Digital Marketing Specialist
Natalia is an integral part of the behind-the-scenes well-being of Anchor. She has a love of learning and is also working on her degree with a major in entrepreneur leadership and a minor in accounting. Natalia’s organizational and digital marketing skills, along with her proactiveness and quick learning, keep Anchor healthy and moving ahead. She is a wonderful team player and is passionate about doing work that relieves stress and helps others.

Ronald Nganga

Visual Designer
Ron has been developing eye-catching and memorable designs across a variety of mediums and platforms for over 10 years. As a graduate of Simon Fraser University with a degree in Interactive Arts & Technology, Ron trained in the SFU internship program which introduced him to the corporate/organization world where he learned how to integrate his skills with the marketing needs of clients. Post internship, Ron has worked with a large variety of both corporate and nonprofit clients. His strength in creative direction and composition is equally matched in his knowledge of tools and technical know-how. Ron knows what questions to ask to get to the core of what needs to be done and the best way to do it! Ron also happens to be one of the three core crew from the setting sail of Anchor in 2018.

Kenan Philips

Visual Designer Director
Kenan is a key designer and web developer at Anchor Marketing, who enjoys helping organizations build their brand and website from the ground up! He is detail oriented, passionate about good design, and loves working with clients who are making a difference in their communities and around the world. Kenan brings a deep level of nonprofit design experience from his previous employer that our clients certainly benefit from.

Raphaela Ernst

Visual Designer
In 2019, Raphaela sold almost everything she owned, packed two suitcases, and moved to Canada from Germany with her fiance and their dog. She also brought her expertise in UI/UX design, visual design, and branding. Raphaela is detailed, efficient and easygoing, and loves to create beautiful digital identities and websites with the end user in mind. She loves to learn, and finds great satisfaction in problem solving and providing high quality solutions for Anchor’s clients. We’re so glad that she made the trip and decided to stay!

Robyn Roste

Marketing Specialist
With her more than a decade of experience as an in-house writer, audio editor, marketing manager and communications director at an international nonprofit, Robyn has become one of our key content producers! With her Bachelor of Journalism, and diplomas in Media and Communications and Biblical Studies, Robyn understands how crafting authentic messages builds relationships and trust. Robyn skillfully crafts donor appeals and updates, case documents, social media posts, blogs, and digital ads for many of our clients, helping them to make meaningful and productive connections with their audience.
Making it count

Attention Nonprofits + Charities

You do good work and it’s ok (critical actually) for you to be strategically shrewd in the saturated sea of nonprofits and charities. We understand the necessity to be good stewards of the funds you’ve been given and we can help you achieve great things with your marketing and donor cultivation in a cost efficient way.

Case Study

Donor Base Recovery and Growth

How AMI helped a long standing nonprofit reengage their existing donor base while cultivating a new and younger demographic.