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Marketing Anchored in Strategy

We are an award-winning boutique marketing agency that specializes in serving nonprofits across North America with our customized client care.

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Strategy First

We approach each project with a strategy-first mentality, making sure that we connect with your vision so we can help you reach your goals.

Client Support

A strategy means nothing without the tactical suggestions to get you where you need to be, along with executional support to make your plan a reality. Whether you need a little or a lot – our crew is here for you.

Results Oriented

Whether it’s a branding refresh, an updated marketing plan, a new website, social media marketing, and/or digital advertising – you’ll quickly learn that our fundamental goal is to search for the perfect combination where X marks the spot, your greatest success.

Work Samples

Anchor Marketing is committed to being an agency that’s nimble and can respond quickly to trends and changes in the North American marketplace. Most importantly, Anchor Marketing will give you the navigation and support you deserve.

Marketing Strategy Services


Strategic Marketing + Consultation

Marketing Audits
Communication Strategies
Strategic Marketing Plans


Campaign Specific Strategy (project, product, special event, name acquisition)
Asset Creation (video, radio, print, digital, landing page)
Campaign buying, execution and reporting Direct Mail


Brand Awareness and Engagement Marketing Services


Design, Web Design, Graphic Design, Logo Design

Creative Design

Branding Services (Including Logo Development)
Websites and Landing Pages
Print Materials
Corporate Collateral

Social Media Marketing

Social Media Strategy
Calendar Planning and Management
Social Metrics and Tracking
Content Creation


Social Media Marketing Agency


Digital Advertising Company Agency

Digital Advertising

Content Creation
Planning and Buying
Analytics and Reporting

Nonprofit + Charity Work

Donor Development
Strategic Marketing, Planning and Auditing
Name Acquisition and Campaigns
Fundraising and Event Consultation
Branding, Design and Print Facilitation
Donor Appeals


Non Profit Fundraising Marketing Company Agency

Need a little or a lot of help?
Not sure where to start?

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Making it count

Attention Nonprofits + Charities

You do good work and it’s ok (critical actually) for you to be strategically shrewd in the saturated sea of nonprofits and charities. We understand the necessity to be good stewards of the funds you’ve been given and we can help you achieve great things with your marketing and donor cultivation in a cost efficient way.

Case Study

Donor Base Recovery and Growth

How AMI helped a long standing nonprofit reengage their existing donor base while cultivating a new and younger demographic.