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A ‘Fitting’ Evaluation

A healthy and productive agency partnership is a key ingredient for success. Before starting, the question to always ask is:

“Are we right for each other?”

Services & Pricing*


$4,500- $15,000

We can help ensure that your plans are aligned with your organization’s vision and able to withstand stormy seas.

  • Marketing & Communications Audits
  • Strategic Marketing Plans
  • Marketing & Communication Plans & Calendars

$7,500 - $38,000

From strategy to visual identities and logos, let our expert crew help your organization craft branding that has longevity and fosters loyalty.

  • Brand Strategy & Messaging
  • Visual Identity (logos, colour palettes, accents)
  • Brand Guides

$4,500 - $44,000+

These days, your website (particularly the homepage) must be an immediately engaging online “elevator pitch.” How well your content is cultivated and laid out directly impacts user experience and engagement.

  • Audits (what’s working, what’s not, what can be improved)
  • UX/UI recommendations (visitor journey strategies)
  • Copywriting and design mockups, full site builds with API integrations, and advanced SEO for any size of site
Newsletters, Reports & More

$1,800 - $6,000+/month

Strategic messaging, copywriting, design, and printer coordination.

  • Impact Reports
  • Newsletters
  • Annual Reports
  • Other marketing collateral
Monthly Retainers

$1,800 - $6,000+/month

Our crew will be your marketing department “down the hall” for your marketing priorities and needs, based on a determined set of support services or a monthly draw-down amount.


$6,500 - $49,000

Let us equip your team with the tools and expertise you need to develop strong donor relations and reach your project goals, with strategy, copywriting, design, execution, and reporting. Ad spends and management included.

  • Awareness Campaigns
  • Name Acquisition
  • Campaigns
  • Fundraising Campaigns
  • Year End Campaigns
  • Capital Campaigns

*The following are not included in the above ranges and would be invoiced as a direct cost:

  • Print and postage
  • Collateral production
  • Website hosting, URL and other API subscriptions or fees

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