If you’re like most people, you’re not sure what branding is or if you even need nonprofit branding.

To put it in a nautical nutshell, branding is your escutcheon—the part of the ship’s stern where its name is displayed. In nonprofit terms, branding is the way you tell your organization’s story to strangers.

And this story you craft and share with the world varies on so many levels. Every decision you make, from font and colour to logo and tone, tells people how they should think about you before you’ve even said a word!

Today there are more charities than ever and in an already-noisy marketplace, effective branding can help your organization stand out from the crowd and get noticed. In a good way.

Our branding approach is simple. We conduct audience and market research, create case studies and testimonies and take your existing supporters into account when crafting your brand. Our goal is to help you put your best foot forward and showcase the good work you’re doing.

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