Donor Marketing

You didn’t start your nonprofit organization so you could do marketing but seeking and gathering donations, donors and grants is a critical part of charitable work if you want to thrive!

Jumping into fundraising without a proven strategy can make even the bravest charitable worker feel lost at sea, especially if they aren’t properly equipped with the expertise required.

Thankfully, the crew at Anchor Marketing has the depth of experience and the strategic know-how to initiate and develop effective fundraising campaigns.

Our donor marketing expertise includes creating and executing capital campaigns, new name acquisition campaigns, donor appeals, fundraising campaigns and more.

Navigating the stormy seas of donor marketing can feel intimidating without a North Star to guide you. Let us be your compass.

Our strategy-driven approach means we’ll only recommend fundraising methods that make sense for your organization. We’re committed to helping nonprofits reach their goals and in order to do that, our marketing strategies must be strategic and customized for each client’s unique needs.

Browse through our donor marketing samples below. When you’re ready to explore what bringing a partner on board to help you bring your fundraising efforts to the next level could look like, let us know.

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