Whether you’re using direct mail to raise money, bulk mail to find new names or advertising to promote a cause or event, print is an effective marketing tool when done right.

With many or most charitable organizations moving their marketing strategies to an entirely digital existence, this is leaving a huge competitive gap in print advertising. If you can create the right strategy to reach your ideal donors, this is a great opportunity to stand out.

Print advertising and fundraising works. Print allows your donors to have something tangible from you, and sends a powerful subliminal message to constituents of your commitment to your cause...and to them.

At Anchor Marketing, we understand the importance of being good stewards of the funds you’re entrusted with. Our crew of nonprofit marketing experts is equipped with the tools to help you navigate the fine line of investing in fundraising activities with doing ministry.

From concept creation to content, layout and design, we love helping make your print marketing targeted, engaging and personal pieces your donors will resonate with.

Check out our print advertising samples and let’s talk about how we can weave print marketing into your fundraising strategy.

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