Improve Marketing With These Unpopular Opinions & Methods

Try Improving Your Marketing With These 2 Unpopular Opinions - Helpful tips for any company looking for opposite different
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Good advice isn’t always the most popular or easiest to take and that definitely applies to the world of marketing advice.

Our marketing crew has outlined 2 not-so-common opinions to help you navigate the saturated world of marketing.

Take them or leave them, but they may just be the key to unlocking your marketing power.

Unpopular opinion 1:

“You probably don’t need as much marketing as you think”

Business is booming and you’re finally hitting your stride. But you’re noticing your Jack of all trades, master of none approach is reaching its limits. You’re overextended and your team is spread thin. 

So you should probably hire a marketing director, right?

Or…is a Facebook account manager your next big investment?

What about a graphic designer? You probably need one of those.

And should these be in-house hires or is it better to outsource to an agency?

The benefit of hiring an agency is you get a wealth of experience or expertise for a fraction of the cost of what you’d spend bringing in basic marketing roles.

Calculate your costs to bring in a marketing director, social media manager, graphic designer and copywriter. Now times that by 40 hours per week. 

Do you need 160 hours of marketing performed every week? 

Probably not!

For growing, mid-sized businesses, hiring an agency just makes sense.

Unpopular opinion 2:

“If you’re doing your marketing right it shouldn’t need to be worked on all day, every day”

Companies who are growing invest in marketing. But when you have the right strategy, it doesn’t take as much time and energy as you might think.

Engaging a team—a specialized marketing agency—means you don’t have to be an expert marketer in order to run a successful marketing strategy.

Good agencies approach each project and client interaction with a strategy-first mentality so they can connect with your unique vision.

You’re the expert in your business and provide important tactical suggestions to get you where you need to be.

They have the skills and expertise needed to create a solid plan to help you reach your goals and execute it with precision.

You can relax, knowing you and your team can focus on your primary jobs while your marketing partner can focus on what they do best—strategy, tactics and execution.

Having the right partner will make all the difference. They’ll make sure they understand the big picture and develop a holistic plan and make every dollar count.

If you’re feeling overwhelmed, don’t have sailors with extra time, or find yourself without a marketing crew, perhaps ours at Anchor Marketing can lend a hand. Come visit us at the beach or send us a message at