A Guide to Meaningful Giving: Advice from nonprofits for new and prospective donors

If you’re reading this and are diving into charitable giving for the first time, you might be feeling a little daunted by the prospect, and perhaps more than a little frustrated by the challenge of deciding how and where to direct your support. You’re not alone. According to the Canada Helps Organization’s 2024 giving report, […]

A First-Time Donor’s Guide to Choosing Causes, Organizations, and Forms of Engagement

Stepping into the world of philanthropy can feel overwhelming, even for experienced philanthropists. With more than 86,000 registered nonprofits across Canada, there are plenty of worthy organizations that you can direct your contributions to.  Whether you’re a first-time donor or someone looking to deepen your philanthropic commitment, this guide aims to simplify the process of […]

Navigating the New Instagram Algorithm: A Guide for Nonprofits

Instagram iPhone

In a recent announcement, Instagram revealed significant changes to its algorithm, aimed at leveling the playing field for creators of all platform sizes. Historically, the platform’s algorithm has favored accounts with large followings and reposted content aggregators, often leaving smaller, original content creators in the shadows. The term content aggregators refer to accounts that frequently […]

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