TWR Canada

TWR asked us to set sail on familiar seas: a name acquisition campaign. With tried, tested, and true strategies we consistently exceed industry standards with conversions, opens, and CTRs.

The Rundown

How Vast the Sea

TWR Canada (an affiliate of TWR International) has worked to establish a uniquely Canadian identity for the past decade. Their marketing objectives include: growing the donor base, increasing donor-initiated events, expanding legacy giving programs, and building relationships with family foundations.

Relationships with current donors are strong, but due to an aging demographic, constituent numbers were declining.




— Lead Acquisition
— Campaign Collateral
— Web Development

The team

— Project Management
— Designer
— Web Developer
— Copywriter
— Digital Ads Specialist



The Solution

Steering the Ship
1 - Anchor Marketing Nonprofit Fundraising
Name Acquisition Campaign

AMI recommended a 12-week name acquisition campaign to attract potential donors for cultivation—aiding in reversing donor attrition rates.

A parallel analysis allowed AMI to produce a Donor Strategy Report and Donor Cultivation Recommendations Report that outlined a clear path to follow once the acquisition campaign completed.

2 - Anchor Advertising
A Customized Campaign

AMI advised on the design of a free prayer booklet that would be distributed as a new name offer. A robust campaign was developed that included a high conversion landing page, shareable social media images, and three unique ad sets.

3 - Anchor Agency
Run Digital Acquisition Ads

Digital advertisements were designed, written, and executed by AMI across multiple platforms. The campaign elements were closely monitored and adjusted to optimize cost per acquisition (CPA).

4 - Anchor Marketing
Partner with Salem Web Network

By partnering with the Christian Media Group a large audience was targeted with the new name offer from TWR Canada.

The Result

Wind in Their Sails

This campaign required manual sign-up and opt-in, generating only high-quality leads. When new names are aligned with the values of an organization, the probability of future donations is much higher.

TWR Canada - Anchor Agency

An impressive 2,999 new names were acquired.

Marketing Agency Vancouver

Landing page conversion rate was 38% (industry standard is between 2%-20%).

Web Design Anchor Marketing

48% email open rate (industry standard is approx 25%).

Social Media Marketing

5% click-through rate (CTR) (industry standard is about 2%).

Anchor Marketing Social Media

100 Facebook Likes during the campaign, (8 followers were lost in the previous period).

Concluding the Journey

Land Ho!

TWR Canada acquired a large number of new names. With the Donor Strategy/Cultivation Reports, they were successfully set up to cultivate these potential donors over time. This was the ministry’s first name acquisition campaign and a tangible step towards addressing their aging and declining donor base.

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