We worked hand-in-hand with Mom2Mom to increase giving and feed more families over Christmas. Mixing in data with their stories caught donor attention and exceeded all our goals!

The Rundown

How Vast the Sea

Every year Mom2Mom runs an annual holiday campaign to fight food insecurity for single mothers in Vancouver. With a small team and limited resources, Mom2Mom found themselves in need of a marketing crew to expand their work and grow community support. AMI crafted a comprehensive approach that nearly doubled the donation goal.




— Strategy
— Campaign Collateral
— Email Marketing
— Social Media

The team

— Strategist
— Project Management
— Designer
— Copywriter
— Digital Specialist



The Solution

Steering the Ship
1 - Anchor Marketing Nonprofit Fundraising
Build on Pre-existing Foundations

Mom2Mom donors look forward to participating in the annual Christmas campaign—supporting the grocery stipend program. Together, we decided to build on what was working and continue focusing on fighting food insecurities.

2 - Anchor Advertising
Help Families Battling Food Insecurity

Based on the campaign’s history, Mom2Mom set a donation target that would help provide a year’s worth of groceries for 30 families battling food insecurity.

3 - Anchor Agency
Update the Communication Strategy

Previously, Mom2Mom used the element of story. While story is a powerful tool, they agreed to include voices of authority, facts, and data to add weight to the stories. AMI also crafted a clear ask/call to action.

4 - Anchor Marketing
Giving Tuesday

Mom2Mom hadn’t felt up to the task of competing with large organizations on Giving Tuesday. But, they agreed to test a Giving Tuesday communication in our 6 week strategy to see how their donor base would respond.

The Result

Wind in Their Sails

The 2021 holiday campaign ran for 6 weeks with some concern over how COVID-19 would impact donors. However, the enhanced communication strategy led to a huge increase in giving over the previous year!

70% - Anchor Advertising

We raised over 70% above the donation goal!

Mom2Mom - Anchor Digital Marketing

Return on Investment (ROI) was 23:1, shattering the initially expected return of 14:1—ensuring this campaign would impact as many families as possible.

More than 2x - Anchor Agency

Matching gifts increased to more than double the originally committed amount.

Mom2Mom - Anchor Marketing Vancouver Canada

Campaign had a 43.5% email open rate (industry average of 18-23%).

49 Families - Anchor Marketing Agency

We surpassed the original fundraising goal. Instead of 30 families, Mom2Mom helped 49 families keep food on the table for an entire year.

Mom2Mom - Anchor Marketing

A click-through rate (CTR) of 3.4% (industry average is 1.5-1.7%)

2.5% Mom2Mom

Average donations increased 2.5x compared to the previous year.

Donation Campaign Marketing Group Firm

As indicated by the strong responses and generous donations, Mom2Mom deepened their relationship with their donors.

And That Giving Tuesday Test?

It turned out to be the highest day of giving throughout the entire campaign!

Concluding the Journey

Land Ho!

This holiday campaign was the first collaboration between Mom2Mom and AMI—and it was a highly rewarding maiden voyage!

Mom2Mom’s audience responded favourably to educational information; we encouraged them to lean into content like infographics and related facts in future campaigns.

We are excited to continue helping Mom2Mom deepen donor relations and move more single moms and their children from surviving to thriving!

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