Quest University

A series of small adjustments can often do wonders, but at Quest University we saw a chance to unify disparate elements into something fresh and enthralling with a full rebrand.

The Rundown

How Vast the Sea

Quest University uses a Block Plan teaching model—an educational model that the university struggled to explain succinctly. AMI recognized a disconnected core vision and marketing assets, and combined with recent negative press, recommended a full rebrand.


Quest University


— Marketing Audit
— Strategic Marketing Plan
— Branding

The team

— Strategist
— Project Management
— Designer
— Copywriter



The Solution

Steering the Ship
1 - Anchor Marketing Nonprofit Fundraising
Marketing Consultation

Focus groups with staff, alumni, faculty, and students gave us a deep understanding of how Quest breaks the high-education mold. Skwxwú7mesh (Squamish) nation leaders were consulted and blessed the new branding.

2 - Anchor Advertising
Branding and Messaging

AMI clarified the core messaging and Quest’s unique offerings. A comprehensive rebranding and marketing strategy was rolled out:

  • Visual Rebranding: new logo, tagline, palette, typography, website, and assets
  • Viewbook—completely rewritten and redesigned
  • Brand Guide—to ensure brand cohesion
  • Digital Advertising Campaign—both strategy and assets
  • Acquisition Strategy 
  • Donor Development Strategy

The Result

Wind in Their Sails

AMI focused on creating a relevant brand that appeals to students who are closely aligned with Quest’s values.

Quest University Campaign Advertising

Clear Messaging—Developed language that resonates with prospective students, but also highlights Quest’s unique offer and core values.

Quest University Marketing

Complete Rebrand—Built on strengths and redeveloped the brand from the ground up; consulted a brand design specialist to ensure quality and cohesion.

Book Fundraising Campaign

Redesigned Marketing Assets—Fully redesign the university viewbook, landing page, social media graphics, website, and much more.

Concluding the Journey

Land Ho!

The brand overhaul brought new life and new students. AMI collaborated on community events connected to the brand launch, assisted with digital and print assets, helped with campus remodelling and updating signage, etc. The entire rebrand was completed ahead of the next recruiting season.

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