Hour of Power Canada

Lots of organizations are struggling with an aging donor base. HOPC discovered there are plenty of new donors who want to support a cause they believe in—all you need is a strategic cultivation funnel!

The Rundown

How Vast the Sea

Hour of Power Canada was experiencing dwindling donations and minimal development with an aging donor base. In 2018, AMI began working with HOPC and brought the downward trend to a halt in 2019. In 2020, HOPC saw an increase of 30% in overall giving—even with the global pandemic!

Fundraising Campaign Case Study

Hour of Power Canada


— Strategy
— Fundraising Collateral
— Email Marketing
— Social Media
— Digital Advertising
— Lead Generation

The team

— Strategist
— Project Management
— Designer
— Copywriter
— Social Media Specialist
— Digital Ad Specialist


2018 – Present

The Solution

Steering the Ship
1 - Anchor Marketing Nonprofit Fundraising
Integrated Marketing Approach

All hands on deck! The right marketing approach is one that considers the whole ‘ship’ and carefully coordinates all the factors for a successful journey. AMI ensured a unified marketing strategy and messaging across all of HOPC’s touchpoints.

2 - Anchor Advertising
Donor Cultivation

AMI crafted a communication strategy using monthly newsletters and a drip campaign to deepen donor relationships.

3 - Anchor Agency
New Name Acquisition

AMI runs two annual lead-generation campaigns. A/B testing showed the most effective time of year to engage new donor prospects—while spacing out partner appeals to avoid donor fatigue. New potential donors were acquired with curated online ads and free print/digital resource offerings.

4 - Anchor Marketing
Increase Online Audience

With a social media strategy that included contests and monthly digital advertising, HOPC increased followers and expanded into younger demographics. Curated social posts were used to drive traffic to the website and broadcasts.

Hour Of Power Canada - Fundraising Marketing Company
Direct Mail Appeals

Physical mail followed up with email and social media tie-in posts repeated donor appeals across multiple communication channels.

The Result

Wind in Their Sails

We approach every project with a strategy-first mentality, connecting an organization’s vision with tangible and measurable goals. Since beginning with AMI, Hour of Power Canada saw a remarkable turnaround in engagement.

Anchor Digital Marketing

Over 7000 new names were acquired for donor cultivation in 2.5 years.

Anchor Advertising

315 active donors added from 2019.

Anchor Advertising

Campaign had a 25-65% email open-rate (industry average of 18-23%).

Market Anchor

Email click-through rate (CTR) of 4.6% (2.3% is average for non-profits).

Anchor Agency

4800% increase in web traffic over 2 years (compared to 2 years previous to AMI).

8.5% - Anchor Marketing Nonprofit Focused Agency

85% of website visitors are new.

Hour Of Power Canada - Nonprofit Charity Fundraising

Facebook: 400% increase; Instagram: 655 new followers.

Concluding the Journey

Land Ho!

Marketing is like a sailboat—the smoothest journey comes from familiarity with all the parts of the boat and how they operate. Learning how to maneuver the waters takes time.

Whether you need a little or a lot of support, our crew is here for you.