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Looking for a way to stand out in the saturated marketplace of nonprofits? Our team can help you navigate your next steps, with marketing anchored in strategy and our expertise on your side.

Non Profit Marketing Help and Services
Anchor Marketing Agency Vancouver BC Canada Helping Non Profit Business

We Have Unparalleled Experience in Nonprofit Marketing

Pulling out your map and revisiting your marketing approach and strategy, may be just what you need to reach your desired destination. Our team can help you navigate your next steps, with marketing anchored in strategy and our expertise on your side.

Anchor Marketing is a boutique marketing agency specializing in strategy, tactics and execution for the nonprofit market. We’ve spent years cultivating our fundraising and donor cultivation knowledge and refining our marketing methodologies to come alongside nonprofits like yours. We’re here to anchor your marketing as you sail the vast nonprofit seas.

We’ve worked hard to understand the market well and be leaders in the field of nonprofit marketing. We’ve explored its stormy seas and come out the other side. We know which markets are most responsive and which to steer clear of. We know how to maximize your dollars for good stewardship, and cultivate the names you need to stabilize your support during this tumultuous time of aging donor bases and corresponding donation attrition.

Examples from recent client results

New Names
in a 2-Month Campaign
23 %
Increase in donation
in 1 year
New donors in first 60 days
after a rebrand

We would love to partner with your nonprofit and help you:

Non Profit Marketing Help and Services - Strategic Marketing Strategy

Chart Your Course

Hoist Your Sails

Vancouver Non Profit Marketing - Design, Promotional Materials, Website Development
Non Profit Marketing Agency - Donor Acquisition, Appeal Writing, Event Consultation

Steward With Excellence

Bottle Your Message

Non Profit Marketing Consulting - Social Media, Digital Advertising Campaigns

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