Why Your Nonprofit Organization Needs a Strategic Marketing Plan

Strategic Marketing Plan - Anchor Marketing
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One of the most important elements of any initiative is a strong strategy. But when it comes to strategic marketing, it is often confused with a marketing strategy.

A marketing strategy is your plan to target people and convert them into donors or customers.

Strategic marketing is the process you put into place to differentiate your non-profit and achieve your organizational goals.

Think of your marketing strategy as a piece of your larger strategic marketing plan. Through this process you review big-picture metrics such as overall performance, competition and demographics. You may even do a SWOT analysis, the method of analyzing your organization’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats.

From your analysis, you’re better equipped to focus on the right “marketing mix” in order to provide value to your audience. This mix will strengthen your brand and help your charity stand out.

Here are three reasons you should invest in strategic marketing.

Strategic marketing plans help you establish and stay focused on your goals

When you’re clear on why the work you do is important and how you help people, it makes it easier to set goals for where you want your nonprofit to go. Setting S.M.A.R.T. goals is a part of any marketing strategy, and your strategic marketing plan maps out how you will achieve these objectives.

Strategic planning reveals gaps and actions required

The process of creating a strategic marketing plan involves collecting and analyzing data. This is a useful practice as it allows you to look at hard facts rather than anecdotes and assumptions, so you can create a plan that has a much better chance of succeeding. In the process of creating your marketing plan you will likely discover gaps in your processes, which will in turn inform your next steps as an organization.

A strategic marketing plan paints a realistic picture

While setting goals is all about dreaming, strategic marketing is all about bringing these ideas to reality. Use your comprehensive plan to assess where your organization is and where you want to be. Using data and analysis, your strategic marketing plan will act as your road map from A to B.

The type of planning done in strategic marketing gives you deep insight into your industry and acts as a firm foundation for marketing initiatives moving forward. 

If it’s time for your nonprofit organization to create a strategic marketing plan, let the experienced crew at Anchor Marketing help you navigate the choppy waters of creating clear marketing objectives. We approach every project and client with a strategy-first mentality, making sure we connect with your vision so we can help you reach your goals.

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