Client Spotlight: The News Forum

Client Highlight - The News Forum
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Welcome to our new blog series! Here at Anchor, we love being able to come alongside nonprofits, charities and education organizations to amplify their voices, build awareness and attract more donors. Ultimately, working to increase the good work they are doing in this world.

We have had the chance to work with some pretty cool people and would like to introduce them to you too 😉

The News Forum

Since its launch in 2020, Anchor Marketing has worked alongside The News Forum on everything from branding and digital advertising to social media and marketing consultation. We’re proud of our clients and want to highlight some of the amazing work they’re doing.

The News Forum is committed to presenting balanced information

The News Forum is a new nation-wide Canadian broadcaster presenting viewers with politically balanced news, commentary and opinion through a variety of topical programs. 

They exist to provide a counterbalance to the prevailing media landscape, and create a space where all voices matter and where ideas are explored with the goal of fostering a more civil society. The News Forum believes multiple viewpoints should be heard in a format that allows for people to respectfully engage with one another without hate, anger or derision.

On May 17, 2022, the CRTC approved The News Forum’s application to be added as an English-language national news discretionary service. This formal licensing as a specialty national news channel allows The News Forum to be carried by subscription television providers such as Telus, Bell and Rogers.

History of The News Forum

Founded by Tore Stautland, The News Forum launched in 2020 as a right-of-centre news channel and has since settled into a politically centre stance. Stautland was previously connected with ZoomerMedia.

“We believe that information must be presented with integrity, and in a manner which is helpful to Canadians when forming their opinions. We want to balance all sides of an issue with the complexity that it deserves and encourage viewers to think for themselves while watching engaging programs (without political restriction), so that they can make informed decisions.” (source)

The station launched with anchor programs Boom and Bust with Tony Clement, a show exploring the complexities of political and economic systems and how they affect Canadians, Counterpoint with Tanya Granic Allen, which hosts conversations on fundamental Canadian rights and freedoms, and Forum Daily with Nima Rajan, offering daily coverage of national and international news.

A place where all voices matter

Since its launch, The News Forum has experienced exponential growth in viewership and news shows. In addition to politics, economics and daily news, the channel offers features on innovation and entrepreneurship, legal and financial issues, public policy and business.

With a mixture of opinion-based talk shows, interviews and journalistic reporting, The News Forum’s values include:

  • Modelling civility
  • Ensuring that all voices matter
  • Moving the conversation forward
  • Holding the tension
  • Challenging people to look outside the box
  • Providing quality counterbalance programming

Anchor Marketing is proud to partner with an organization that values the inclusion of multiple voices and viewpoints and is committed to presenting information with integrity, allowing Canadians to form their own opinions. Connect with The News Forum online at

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