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Welcome to our new blog series! Here at Anchor, we love being able to come alongside nonprofits, charities and education organizations to amplify their voices, build awareness and attract more donors. Ultimately, working to increase the good work they are doing in this world.

We have had the chance to work with some pretty cool people and would like to introduce them to you too 😉

Mom2Mom Charity

Mom2Mom has a unique approach for supporting low-income mothers in Vancouver and for the past year, Anchor Marketing has had the privilege of working alongside this nonprofit organization.

Improving the lives of children living in poverty by supporting their mothers 

Mom2Mom is a community-based charity focused on providing opportunities for families disadvantaged by poverty. Their vision is an equitable society where no mom or child is limited by hardship. 

They achieve their mission of connecting mothers and children with the resources they need to thrive by providing a caring community and woman-to-woman social support. Throughout the year, Mom2Mom facilitates access to resources, such as groceries and basic household items, as well as assistance during emergencies and unforeseen circumstances.

When moms thrive, children thrive!

In 2012, the charitable society was founded by local doctors who wanted to improve the lives of children living in poverty by supporting their mothers. They implemented a service model, which helps relieve stress on moms while also inviting them into a supportive and understanding community.

In British Columbia, more than 150,000 children live in poverty and yet studies show that interventions reducing stress on single mothers living in poverty, through increasing their social, emotional and financial resources, can positively alter their children’s development. 

More than 75% of mothers report seeing improvement in their child’s outcomes at school and positive behaviours from their children since joining the Mom2Mom program.

Anchor Marketing counts it a privilege to partner with charities that see a need and find a creative and sustainable way to fill it. Learn more about Mom2Mom and what they do at

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