How to Build an Effective Website for Your Nonprofit (Maximizing Impact Blog Series)

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Your nonprofit’s website is often the first interaction potential supporters and donors have with your cause. It’s a virtual introduction to your organization’s mission and impact. 

Let’s take a closer look at what goes into an effective website, and how they can best be used to serve your cause. 

A Reflection Of Your Brand

Your website should be a reflection of your identity and values: from the images displayed to the language style used. It’s not just a static page with information; it’s a dynamic tool that seeks to engage, inform, and inspire.

Key Aspects

Here are some of the key aspects to consider when building an effective website:

  • Your Mission Is Immediate

The first time someone lays eyes on your organization’s website, they should immediately understand its purpose and mission. Even if a visitor has never heard of your organization, a good website will quickly make it clear why you exist. 

(Count how many seconds it takes you to discover what Charity: water does when you visit their site.) 

  • Compelling Content

Your website should tell your story through compelling images, text, and videos. Share success stories, the impact of your work, and the people you’ve helped.

(Take a look at how Concrete Safaris uses visual storytelling and notice how they transport you into the heart of their work.)  

  • User-Friendly Design

Your website should be easy to navigate. Visitors should quickly find necessary information and understand your organization’s mission. Is there a clear donation button, a way to get involved, and a way to explore the organization’s work? 

(Check out Pencils of Promise and notice their clearly laid out navigation.)

  • Donation Page Optimization

If fundraising is a critical aspect of your nonprofit’s work, ensure that your donation page is simple, secure, and easy to use.

(Try clicking through the ‘Give Now’ button on the Invisible Children website and notice how simple and smooth the giving process is.)

  • Clear Call to Action (CTA)

What do you want visitors to do after they visit your website? Whether donating, volunteering, or signing up for a newsletter, make your CTAs clear and compelling.

(Notice how the Oxfam website gives you many clear CTAs. You always have a clear idea of where to go and what actions you can take by clicking a button.)

  • Mobile Responsiveness

With well over half of all internet browsing happening from people’s mobile devices. Today, your website needs to be mobile responsive and look good on smartphones and tablets.

(If you’re on a desktop computer, try adjusting the size of your browser window and watch how beautifully the World WildLife Foundation website scales to any size.) 

A Real-Life Example: Nuova Vocal Arts

Nuova Vocal Arts had a unique challenge. They needed a website that could serve multiple different audiences, including: performers, students, alumni, audiences, and supporters. The website needed to be clear and direct while communicating to all of their various audiences. 

Anchor worked with Nuova to build a brand new website from the ground up. Through the collaborative process of discovery, wireframing, mockups, and copywriting, we crafted a website that aligned perfectly with Nuova’s distinct needs. 

By bringing together compelling content, a user-friendly design, and many other important elements, Nuova Vocal Arts now has a website that attractively represents their organization to the world. 

Build Your Website

Your website shouldn’t be full of lifeless information—it’s far too powerful of a tool to neglect. Anchor has the experience to turn your website into a compelling storytelling tool and captivate your audience.

Contact us today to chat and find out how we can help!

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